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PROTRAINING is a leading training consultancy offering award-winning Business Games, Business Simulations and Discovery Learning Solutions.

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In the corporate world, growth is necessary in order to keep ahead of the competition. To neglect growth is to risk falling behind your competitors. This is particularly true in the UAE, where there is no shortage of new ventures emerging to take the market by storm. A relentless pursuit of knowledge is key to growing and progressing your company. Strengthen the aspects of your business that will benefit you the most – Partner with us today and experience one of the leading training institutes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! We offer short courses specifically designed to equip and empower individuals who want to unleash their potential and maximise their opportunities. Our solutions are specifically integrated to help grow you and your team by developing better strategies, behaviour and performance.

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Core Methodologies of Our Training Centers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our core methodology is based on Experiential and Discovery Learning, a powerful learning approach that engages employees and accelerates learning. In our short courses, participants play an active role as they interact with each other and their environment to develop new skills and harness the individual strengths of each participant. This method of corporate training in Dubai promotes effective skill enhancement and rich learning experiences for all participants, regardless of background and professional levels. Through this method, we enable participants to accelerate their growth and help them retain information better.

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PROTRAINING – One Of The Leading Training Institutes In Dubai

Stern competition within the corporate requires growth for employers to stay ahead and take on leadership roles. Neglecting growth in the long run can put you at risk of falling behind your competitors. This particularly holds true for the UAE where fresh ventures are always looking to take the market by storm. To ensure the growth and prosperity of your company, it is vital for you to take on a relentless pursuit of knowledge – and that is just what we are here to assist you with. At PROTRAINING, we allow our clients to experience and excel their knowledge and skillset at one of the leading training institutes in UAE. From project management courses to communication skills training, sales courses to leadership courses, we offer it all.

Grow Your Team With Efficient Corporate Training In UAE

With the short term courses offered at PROTRAINING, you will empower yourself and your workforce to maximise their opportunities and deliver to the best of their abilities.  As one of the most trusted corporate training companies in Dubai, we have developed solutions that are focused on helping you and your team grow through enhanced performances, efficient strategies and better behaviour.

The Basic Approach At Our Training Centers In Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our learning approach is based on experiential and discovery learning. The methodology is focused on engaging employees to accelerate the learning process. All through the course period, participants are encouraged to interact with each other and their environment to harness their individual strengths and develop new skills.  Effective skill enhancements and rich learning experience for participants, irrespective of their professional levels and background are offered to help the participants accelerate their growth.

A World-Class Corporate Training Institute In UAE

At our corporate training centers, we also offer assistance with corporate team building activities. Our award-winning simulations and business games are highly effective for leadership development, team building and sales training, and can equip your team with the skills required to tackle future changes and challenges within your organisation.  

As such, we offer short courses in the following areas:

  • Team building
  • Leadership
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Sales & Negotiation Skills Development
  • Finance for Non-Finance
  • Supervisory Skills Development
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Project Management


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