Chocolate Challenge - Team Building

Promises, Promises

The Chocolate Challenge is a great team development activity that simulates a complete business process from initial concept through to design, production, marketing and promotion.

The Chocolate Challenge is carried out in a light-hearted and highly creative environment requiring co-operation, mental and artistic skills (and several kilos of chocolate!). The finished products are later assessed for quality, profitability and originality with prizes awarded to the winning team.


  • Min 20
  • ½ day
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Best Selling Programmes
  • Benefits

  • Working with Chocolate is the best creative thinking a team could experience. The participants go through the product design process all the way to devising a go-to-market strategy and promotion.

  • This team engagement reinforces the real potential of working together with a positive mindset to get the best results. As an added bonus working with chocolate gives your team an immediate moral boost working those happy hormones.

  • The product development process strengthens the working relationships of each team to present the best packaged Chocolate box.

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