Coral Banks - Team Building

Coral Banks™ is our bestselling team building programme and for good reason – it is engaging, effective and provides many hands on lessons in effective teamwork.

Coral Banks™ is created by the award winning design team at Eagles Flight Canada and PROTRAINING is proud to be certified to offer it here in this region. The overarching benefit for selecting Coral Banks as your team building workshop is that delegates realise seemingly overwhelming objectives can be realised through effective collaboration bridging the gap between intention and execution.


  • Min 20
  • 3+ hours
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Benefits

  • Build unanimous focus on clearly defined goals; harness the power of team spirit and unity to achieve them

  • Collaborate productively to share resources, assign tasks and maintain quality standards

  • Communicate effectively and frequently, leading to greater productivity and job satisfaction

  • Achieve the impossible as individuals, teams and as an organisation where efforts become more closely aligned

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Ines Albert on Coral Banks

Ines Albert on Coral Banks

General Manager Organizational Development

Al Nabooda Automobiles LLC

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