Gold of the Desert Kings - Team Building

Gold of the Desert Kings™ creates an experience in which the difference between activity and productivity can mean life or death, not just success or failure.

The vibrant world within this learning experience is simply a parallel for the world we face at work every day—a world where planning, gathering resources and goal-directed action, executed within a changing environment, are the keys to maximized results. Gold of the Desert Kings™ embraces the one principle benefit that your team learn to spend their time and resources to mine for as much gold as possible in the mountains. The gold represents your revenue stream.


  • Min 10
  • ½ to 1 day
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Benefits

  • Differentiate between activity that moves you away from your goal and productivity that moves you closer

  • Ask “What’s Possible?” instead of “What’s Required?” to break through your perceived limitations

  • Plan, prepare and execute—never losing sight of the objective—to deliver maximized productivity and results

  • Obtain, evaluate and apply information, adjusting the plan to contend with pressure and surprises

  • Always adopt a strategic mindset for any challenge; and develop lasting habits of focused productivity

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Thomas Joseph on Gold of the Desert Kings

Thomas Joseph on Gold of the Desert Kings

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