Powerful Presentation Skills

Powerful Presentation Skills as the name suggests is a powerful 2 day programme designed to polish your presentation and public speaking skills. Powerful Presentation Skills is one of PROTRAINING’s signature programmes and is a consistently popular choice for our clients, because it achieves results quickly. Not available as a Public Course.

Powerful Presentation Skills is limited to just eight participants so that individual coaching is part of the learning experience. Gaining powerful presentation skills ensures that you have a polished style and concise content for all your future presentations. The results of the programme have an immediate impact on your deliveries that substantially increases the chances of sealing the deal, or shining in front of management or colleagues. This programme is recognised by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), UK.


  • Max 8
  • 2 days
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Communication Solutions
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Best Selling Programmes
  • Benefits

  • Upgrade the quality of presentations through feedback

  • Receive an honest appraisal of strengths and areas for development

  • Accelerate the preparation time involved

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Public speaking courses: Dubai based presentation skills training

Presentations are and always will be part of the job description. Professionals who interact with other professionals in the workplace will be always be involved in creating and delivering presentations. Presentations are used in a wide variety of applications including the following:

  • Team meetings,
  • Interviews
  • Networking functions
  • Office ‘Town Hall’ meetings
  • Sales pitches
  • Client check-in meetings
  • Shareholder meetings
  • Team training sessions

Growing through Public Speaking Courses: Presentation Skills Dubai Professionals Need

As such, it is important for one to develop the right set of skills in order to create and deliver impactful presentations to any audience. Here at PROTRAINING, we are poised to provide the kind of presentation skills training Dubai professionals can utilise to further their skillset.

We have experts who have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating and providing presentations to an array of audiences. By combining our world-class training programmes with the technical comprehension of our in-house experts, we are capable of equipping anyone with the tools needed to be an effective presenter.

Enhance Organisation and Confidence with Skills Training in Dubai

To excel at public speaking, there are two qualities you must have: organisation and confidence. Organisation is the key to structuring a presentation in such a way that it aptly delivers all the pertinent information in a clear and comprehensive manner. Organisation is important in ensuring that the presentation is systematic and orderly in disseminating the material to the intended audience. Additionally, as presentations are usually given a time limit, it is important to be organised in order to finish in a timely manner.

Confidence, on the other hand, is critical in ensuring that you as a presenter are able to deliver the meat of the presentation clearly and with absolute certainty to your audience. Seeing the data on a screen and hearing a person discuss it in detail make for better information retention, which means you are more likely to impact your audience.  

With PROTRAINING’s public speaking courses and training for presentation skills, Dubai professionals can discover how to be organised and confident in their presentations. If you want to know more about PROTRAINING’s various courses, do not hesitate to call us    

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