Right Turns ® – Change Management (Discovery Learning)

Promises, Promises

Right Turns® is a powerful classroom-based learning experience focused on change management that guides employees and managers to explore the realities of change and the actions and behaviours that lead to success. Delegates work with a Discovery Map and change management cards that prompt the discussions and challenges of managing change and the obstacles faced on this journey. Not available as a Public Course.

The key benefit of going on Right Turns® is giving your managers and their employees an action plan to manage change in your organisation successfully.


  • Min 12
  • Non-Managers 3 hours Managers 6 hours
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Employees who participate in Right Turns® will:

  • Identify the key phases and milestones that accompany successful organisational changes

  • Articulate the urgency of change in organisations today and the ways in which change decisions can be made and acted upon

  • Managers who participate in Right Turns® will:

  • Give examples of ways in which managers influence and guide change initiatives

  • Describe the overall leadership skills and personal attributes that are important to success as well as articulate the most critical of there in relation to a specific organisational/department change.

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Mohamad Atieh on Right Turns

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