Team Quest - Team Building

Promises, Promises

Use a unique mobile application to get your team out and about whilst gaining knowledge in the most entertaining way possible!

Create the ultimate interactive team building event with our customised mobile application. Whether you want your team to find out more about your products and services, explore your city or have a fun team building experience, we can tailor it to your needs. With customised missions and real time activity feeds, this game brings instant excitement and results. Points are awarded for every mission, whether it is submitting a photo or video, checking in at a specific location, or solving a puzzle or riddle to answer knowledge based questions. All missions are easy to navigate thanks to the latest technology of the mobile application


  • 2 - 20 Teams (5 participants each)
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Benefits

  • Create a team spirit in a fun learning environment

  • Challenge participants to be resourceful within a given timeframe

  • Utilise all of the team’s available skills and talents

  • Develop planning, cooperation and problem solving skills

  • Exercise creativity and decision making under pressure

  • Increase the team’s product knowledge awareness

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