Promises, Promises

Vulcanus lends itself perfectly to the following themes: open innovation,entrepreneurship and cooperation. Not available as a Public Course.

Vulcanus is an interactive business game used to experience the open innovation process in a playful manner. In a fictitious situation you will find out how you could speed up the innovation process in your organisation and/or complete the processes more successfully.


  • 16 per facilitator
  • 1 day
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Vulcanus will help you find out all the steps required from idea to successful launch

  • Helps you understand how your own role can help create success, how you can select the most promising project, how you can organise sufficient means to finance the entire innovation process

  • Highlights the importance of collaboration: why working together with other parties matters,

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Sleiman Abou Hanna on Time Management

Sleiman Abou Hanna on Time Management

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Rotana Hotel Management Corporation Ltd

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