Zodiak® – Finance for Non-Finance (Business Simulation)

Zodiak® is a two day business simulation about business finance and strategy that quickly immerses participants in the world of business. The simulation allows participants to experience for themselves the determinants of organisational success, both financial and strategic. Not available as a Public Course.

The Zodiak simulation shows the real world of business, how it works, why it works and what happens when it doesn’t. It is designed as a board game to ensure that everyone understands the “business” of your business. Zodiak ® allows learners to experientially discover the big picture of how business works and how business success is measured in a safe environment – and have fun while doing so!


  • Min 6 - Max 20
  • 2 days
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Best Selling Programmes
  • Benefits

  • Boost your current leadership development with business acumen

  • Teach finance to non-financial managers

  • Help employees understand how they impact the bottom line

  • Establish a common foundation of business understanding

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